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What Horrible Death Will You Die?

You will be MAULED BY A DOG, because you had food
spilled on you at work. Youre on the clumsy
side, but its not always your fault. You try to
stay away from trouble, yet it always finds
you. Be careful what you do. Try to stay out of

What Form Of Suicide Are You?

A bloody gruesome death. You're most likely a
self-mutilator. You like the burning sensation
you get as your skin gives way to the blade and
watching as the rivers of blood flow down your
arm and onto the bathroom floor. You don't
really care HOW you end up killing
yourself...just as long as you're dead in the
end and there's a mess for people to clean up.
After all, they deserve it anyway right? And
you like whatever is convenient at the time for there's no real planning to be done

What depression do you have?

You're not clincally depressed, but you do have a
small case of depression. Life is getting to
you, the pressures and all the hate and anger
in the world. Don't worry yourself too much
about worldly affairs, its hard to change the
way things are and you can only do so much.
Sometimes you just cry for no reason, its not
bad or anything you just need to cry. Just lock
yourself in a bathroom and cry. It'll help,
eventually you'll cry yourself out and won't
need to cry anymore.

What Type of Annoying Are You?

You're TOO SAD! Cheer up some, no one likes a
downer. Sadness is normal but not when you drag
others down with you. Try to perk up a little!

What piercing are you?

You're not one of the popular kids, but who cares? you like it that way. you would rather die than be part of their crowd. you may doubt yourself at times but you know you're cool!

What kind of eyes do you have?

Bloody Tears
your have bloody teared eyes. You eyes have seen much pain, either your pain or a friends pain. You cry with them, and for them. They are someone that has been there for you, no matter the situation, and you hate to see that person get put down, or talked about. Your a good friend to stay by their side and cry for them. But yourself you only cry in the darkness of your room, knowing that no one really cares about you, even thought thy really do.....

What should your nick name be?

your loud and your proud.. and u hate your parents

What kind of teen are you?

You are a PUNK! You live at the skatepark, listen to rock, and maybe take drugs. People at school may think of you and your friends as scary. But why should you care? You're a PUNK!

Are you ugly?

You are just plain ugly. You even think so yourself but you won't get more ugly or good-looking!

What's your kissing style??

You're a Klever Kisser
46 and 60: You're a Klever Kisser! A Klever Kisser enjoys being seductive and desirable. You're the kind of person that is naturally more erotic and aggressive. You enjoy being sensual and involving the entire body in a kiss. You don't mind displaying your affection in any location, and pride yourself in your kissing technique. You have an awesome amount of passion and heat flowing through your body when you kiss. You do not take kissing lightly, and tend to hope it will lead to more touching and sharing. Overall you are certainly the most sexy of the kissing styles, and you definitely keep the car windows fogged.

Are You Bisexual, Straight, or Lesbian?

You're Bi! IM me at LezzieLexy
You are bisexual! You find yourself attracted to both sexes, even if you are kind of partial to one or the other. Do you have AIM? Im me at LezzieLexy!!!

Which word describes you?

Tom Boy
Girl u are very sporty and cool but you also need to think of yourself as a GIRL..but u r very good with boyz..

What color rose does you soul have?

The black rose
yours is the black rose you care for no one and if you do its vary few so have been hurt and broken and have no god because no one can judge you but your self stay the way you are beczuse it the only way that you will find happiness

How will you commit suicide?!

You will cut yourself to bits and pieces and bleed to death, and I doubt that it will be the first time cutting. You so alone, so sad, don't let others bring you down. Stay away from knifes and enjoy life.

What is your drug?

Weed, Pot, Mary Jane, I can go on with the names. You like life relaxed and slow. You enjoy smoking or eating you yummy drug. Keep chilling...Oh and dude, get out of your parents

What do people see you as?

lay off the drugs please! (but the skating thing is pretty hott)

What is your lifes eye color and emotion?

gray and yellow hurt and angry at life
you lifes eye color is gray and yellow your hurt at life and angry because many things have gone worng for you and you just dont know what to do or where to turn but some where inside of you there a part of you that is still hanging in there

What kind of hot stripper costume are you?

Your a hot nurse
Your a hot nurse and prolly like to be bad and do stings like exparament on stuff and like to be differnt from other people plus you have a good way of see whats on the inside of a person literaly

How good at kissing are you?

Your Wild!!!!!

What Kind of PUNK are you?!

OldSchool Punk
your the orinal thing, be proud, everyone else is a POSER! you hair kicks ass and your aditude does too..You started it all, all the fucking lifeless followers of punk attemption. You did it, yay you! Now go mosh or skank or whatever you do you sick bastard. Love ya!

What kinda goth girl do you look like?

just goth
your just goth you dont try to be any thing fancy or anything differnt from who you are you dont care if there is a god and you might cut your self from memories of past pain but you are perfect as you are dont change

Are you Classy, Sexy, Cute, or a Punk?

Punk Stylin'
Your style is PUNK! It shows the real side of you.You are into Rock music and you love to go to concerts.You dress in vintage tee's and ripped jeans.That's hot!

What kind of personality do you have?

You are a mystery. No one really knows you unless you let them in, which is hard to do. Let that one special guy into your life and he will rock your world...

What Metal CD Are You?

Metallica-Some Kind Of Monster
You are someone who is hidden to the world, because your scared of something, like rejection or hate. You has also lost someone special to your heard, a friend of family member, maybe girl/guy.

Are you a sexy devil and cute angel or just some person?

Sexy devil
oOoOo your a sexy devil and your are the fucken coolest cuz you dont give a fuck about what people think about you you ROCK

What Type of Alcohol do you resemble?

You are completely utterly crazy! If you're a girl you're the funnest girl. If you're a guy then you're most likely a phrat college guy. Anything goes and you always seem to have enough alcohol to go around. Beer doesnt' get you too hammered but by the end of the night you end up doing something crazy that makes everyone stop and look. You like to slur and your favourite colour is drunk! People love you unless they are the ones taking care of you. You are overall a fun person

What candy are you?

milkyway bar
mmmmmm. milky...and caramel comes out of your center, and it drips down. YUM you are sensitive and a great friend and can try your best in all situations. you are very possesive though, and tend not to let people have there freedoms.

What's your inner soul like?

Bouncy Soul
WHOA! Calm down sweety....take it easy on the sugar... Your a fun person though!

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